The reasons why the elderly pay to secure their car more than others

The reasons why the elderly pay to secure their car more than others
The reasons why the elderly pay to secure their car more than others

At the age of 66, life begins ... to become more expensive. Ask the elderly with their own car. In time for retirement, auto insurance contributions for drivers increase significantly. From the age of 65 years, insurance costs an average of 15 percent more than it is at the age of fifty. The larger the policy holder, the higher the premiums.

Older, more expensive
The values ​​listed below show how auto insurance increases for the elderly as they age. At 65, the contribution is 15 percent higher. On average, 85-year-olds pay more than twice as much.

Average dollar contribution *
50 years: $ 331.04
► 65 years: $ 382 (15% surcharge)
► 75 years: $ 528.21 (60% additional cost)
► 85 years: $ 682.69 (surcharge 106%)

A look at the insurance market shows why older people are being asked to pay more and how they can continue to save. Even if their customers on the road are almost accident-free until they reach retirement age, insurance companies start charging premiums for certain adults of a certain age.

Reason: tariffs are revalued annually, and insurance companies use accident statistics. Statistically, older drivers do more damage on average than middle-aged drivers.

A clear increase can be observed especially if the sheet metal is damaged, the so-called parking pitfalls, which have not been reported to the police. Road errors and wrong turns are the most common cause with more than 20 percent. The fact that older people often drive expensive cars cause high repair costs that also have a negative impact on contributions. Additionally, they are mostly the main culprit in accidents.

20% of all driver licenses belong to drivers over 65 years old. This means that more than eight million elderly people are entitled to drive.

The frequency of harm increases in the retirement age. However, older people tend to cause small sheet metal damage and less serious accidents.
- Dr. David Station, CEO of CosmosDirekt

The same is true here: with increasing age, the risk of getting involved in a guilty accident increases. So that the aging subscriptions do not go through the roof, the driver's experience is also included in the car insurance account.

With the high damage-free class that older drivers get for many years accident free, costs can be reduced. Here older adults, in contrast, benefit young drivers, who also pay higher car insurance premiums. A closer look at your insurance policy promises the possibility of additional savings. Check your information about driver group, annual mileage, etc. and correct it if necessary. Updated information can save money.

This is how it can save the elderly

Take a closer look at your details in politics. Partial coverage may be sufficient now. As a rule, tariffs are cheaper. Reducing the number of drivers: The less you use the car, the cheaper it is. If you are driving less than a year ago, inform your insurance company.

Check payment status - Transfer once a year instead of saving money monthly. Tariffs with a workshop link can provide up to 20 percent. Use your IT definitions, and if necessary, secure your car to and from your children.

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 Compare your insurance tariff with other service providers. Changing the insurance company at the end of the year can significantly reduce insurance premiums. You have one month auto insurance notice. The deadline for regular termination is November 30. In case of increasing hidden premiums

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