Ten facts about car insurance .

Ten facts about car insurance .
Ten facts about car insurance .

There are a number of things to consider for a consumer with various auto insurance policies.

It is worth knowing the appropriate insurance.
 Ideally, this provides optimum protection for driver, car and other road users.
 Ten important facts about car insurance follow.

1. An overview of the various auto insurance companies

There are many auto insurance policies with specific criteria that you must meet.
Car liability insurance is mandatory, but comprehensive insurance is voluntary. However, you can expect significant cost increases in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle without comprehensive insurance.

Car liability insurance

Liability car insurance is required by law in Germany.
Vehicle owners must complete it separately for each vehicle.
 It covers liability and error.
This protects vehicle owners from the costs of accidents and operational damage.
Insurance companies determine the amount of the premium based on various factors and give the insured a type of discount without claims for years without accidents.
Premium amount determination factors may include vehicle type policyholder, emissions, and mileage.

Comprehensive partial insurance

Partial and comprehensive insurance is not compulsory.
 Certain partial insurance must definitely be done.
The range of benefits is greatly expanded through the acquisition of comprehensive insurance.
 This includes protection from fire, explosions, or broken glass.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance also includes benefits in the event of vandalism, self-inflicted accidents, and even recently gross negligence.
Insurance companies often provide cover letters with completely comprehensive insurance.
These include exclusive services such as express assistance in the event of an accident.

2. Choose the appropriate car insurance

Choosing the right car insurance should be chosen according to your own requirements, but also for potential risks.
 An inappropriate contract becomes very fast or does not fully cover the risk. With liability insurance, the amount of contributions is crucial, not the range of benefits.
 The best way to find a suitable comprehensive insurance is to compare costs with benefits.

Correct used car insurance

Used and new cars must be fully insured against all risks.
However, car insurance for a used vehicle is often more expensive.
This depends on the driver's driving behavior, but also on the age of the car and its individual characteristics.

Secure new cars properly

The situation is different with a new car. Here is a new contract for a new car. As a rule, you get a completely normal liability insurance contract, as discounts from old contracts can be compensated.
 If you take certain criteria into account when calculating the premium when purchasing the new contract, you save costs.

3. Partial or full insurance: What is the appropriate protection?

Each vehicle owner must have a partial partial insurance.
 As a general rule, the scope of legal liability for cars is insufficient.
All-inclusive insurance provides much more service and also protects from unexpected damages.
 If you want to find the right insurance cover for your car, it is necessary to check the individual components of the contract and look at the areas where protection is urgently required.

4. Act properly in the event of an accident

In order not to miss important insurance periods and benefits in the event of damage, you must proceed as follows:

- Stay calm after the first shock, exchange insurance and contact details with those involved

- Anything that exceeds sheet metal damage or in the event of a foreign vehicle that requires an accident registration by the police, which may need to be called with the emergency services

- The insurance period for reporting damage is one week, but the accident must be reported as soon as possible

5. Cancellation of car insurance:

Please note that
Here it is important to keep an eye on auto insurance notice periods.
 Because it is outside these deadlines, termination is only possible in rare exceptional cases.
In principle, you can always cancel the car insurance, however, the cancellation will only be in effect on the next possible cancellation date.
 There are exceptions in the case of damage, an increase in contributions as well as a change in the classification of type and category of damage.
You don't have to cancel until you find a new insurance - that's what lawmakers want.

In contrast to car liability, there is no legal requirement for partial and fully comprehensive insurance. Using the car without insurance can have serious consequences.
The cost of damage to people and property damage is usually borne by the consumer. The degree of damage-free layer previously awarded will then be retroactively reduced.
The car unlock is often written.

6. Change insurance easily

The auto insurance notice period is usually one month.
Changing your car insurance requires no reason to end the contract in time.
When changing insurance, consider the modalities of the new contract. What is important, for example, are the benefits for classes free from damage as well as partial and comprehensive insurance.

7. How is the insurance premium formed?

Basically, insurance companies are entitled to decide on the composition of the insurance premium.
However, insurance companies use some common rules for calculating premiums.
 These statistical values ​​can be such as regional category or gender category.
Damage to third parties is also crucial to calculating liability insurance contributions. With fully comprehensive insurance, the amount of self-damage is also included.

On this basis, the insurance companies determine the amount of the premiums. The final price depends on the number and type of insured vehicles and their damages.
How car insurance companies determine also the distance traveled to the car owner. After the claim, the premium can increase and decrease the degree without loss.

8. A surplus reduces the subscription rate

Insurance companies decide how the discount affects the rate of participation in the context of the contract. Essentially, insurance companies must inform consumers of everything related. As a rule, the surplus is fully paid for each damage.
There is a possibility to significantly reduce contributions through a discount.
How this affects the rate of participation in the contract in question is always determined and can be obtained from the insurance company.

9. What to do if the car insurance is not paid?

Damage settlement problems usually occur when the accident path is unclear.
Thus, the precise protocol for the delicate process is the most important measure by which the affected can protect themselves.
If car insurance does not want to be paid in any case, it may be the cause of a special termination right.
You may be entitled to your appraiser.
In the event that payment is refused, you should definitely seek professional advice from a lawyer.

10. What are the relevant supplementary insurance policies?

Basically, you should get at least partial partial insurance.
There is also the option of private accident insurance and foreign insurance.
Special accident insurance makes sense if it includes accidents involving the vehicle.
Accident insurance often also covers passenger damage, which can be an attractive solution for drivers and frequent families.
The broker can also help you choose the appropriate insurance.