Change car insurance regularly - useful or not?

Change car insurance regularly 

Change car insurance regularly - useful or not?
Change car insurance regularly - useful or not?

But what about regular and even annual changes? Is this also reasonable or is it even negative to change the insurance company often? This article covers the topic once.

What are the causes of regular change?

 Car owners need to be aware that the key savings and benefits of a switch are possible primarily for those who have been using a single contract for many years.
These contracts are often outdated and, according to the current situation, their prices are overvalued, so that a change in course is really feasible and can be felt in the portfolio.
 Regular change is also positive in other situations:

Premiums - Many insurance companies offer premiums, i.e. bonuses that are counted in the premium.
Instead, electrical appliances or coupons are also awarded as rewards.
Contents - Auto insurance policies adapt regularly to the new generation of cars.
Old contracts are often only improved at the most important points, as customers have to switch to a new tariff as much as possible within the insurance.
 Serious changes, for example, are the details surrounding the theft from inside the car.
 Old decades still refer to ordinary car radios, but not to technology installed in vehicles today.
In the United States, an insurance contract can always be canceled three months before the end of the insurance year (note: the notice period depends on the contract!) And can therefore be changed.
The exceptions are increase in premiums, sale or change of car.
So if you want to change your car insurance in the United States, you can keep your own wallet.

What are you talking against?

Basically, there is not much against repeated change. Savings are now reduced because there is no change from old contracts to current contracts, but otherwise there are no formal counterarguments.
Basically, there is only a problem that many car owners only look at the price, but not the services. This is exactly what should always be counted in the first step.

What should good car insurance do?

Indeed, "it must be there when needed," but drivers can only judge it after damage has occurred.
At this point, a look at the Internet helps.
How do other policyholders feel about the insurance company’s behavior in the event of a claim? Are there complaints or conflicts frequently or did the insurance company take care of the insured person's problems without any problems? generally:

Liability content - amounts of property, property and personal injury coverage must of course be much higher than the legal level. The legal minimum is $ 5 million, but $ 100 million is more common. The higher the tariffs, the better the tariffs, since personal injuries are not the only fast-moving items in millions, document holders enjoy better protection against high amounts.
Content Cascade - it should be tailored to your own advantage.
In principle, there should be no objection to neglect.
If you want to use your comprehensive insurance, you must check online how the insurance works with the comprehensive insured afterward.
 There are certainly service providers who cancel policyholders if they report some comprehensive damage.
In rural areas, it is advisable to consider "accidents that cause animal damage".
Often this means a regular game, but those who live in an area with cows are more likely to get involved in an accident with them.
Use - How is insurance generally handled? Internet access has become commonplace today, with almost everything organized independently by the customer. This is not for everyone, especially since many are preoccupied with their damage reports on the screen after an accident. 

Are there local connections?

Adaptability - The milestone is adaptive content. They often act as a driver or vehicle location, and they also provide the opportunity to make contributions. By comparison, car insurance on the main street is more expensive than car insurance in the garage. Does insurance allow the exclusion of foreign drivers or drivers up to a certain age? What about "family discounts"? If you have many vehicles, you should definitely ask about the discount granted if all the vehicles are insured by an insurance company...