California car insurance: costs, service providers, models

California car insurance: costs, service providers, models
California car insurance: costs, service providers, modelsCalifornia auto insurance: costs, service providers, models

How to find cheap protection and where the pitfalls are located

Everyone who has a car must pay the insurance company annually.
As a California resident, you can live well without a car. But if you travel a lot and don't want to rely on public transport, you can't avoid a car. Then the search for car insurance becomes mandatory.

Basically, the car must be insured at the place of registration, in front of the newly transferred owners 30 days to re-register the car they brought with them.

Insurance forms

As in the United States, there is optional and complete partial coverage. The first covers fire damage, broken glass and theft.
 Comprehensive insurance, which includes all of the damage to your car, is available with or without a discount. The amount is negotiable.

Many also choose simple basic insurance and this mainly includes liability for damages to people and other cars. Towing service is included in all insurance companies. There is also basic statutory protection in case of conflict.

In addition to the policyholder, drivers over the age of 25 who have obtained their driver's license for at least two years are automatically insured.
 Of course, this only applies if the owner agrees to use his own car.

In order to obtain insurance, different documents are required: driver's license, car license, registration and NIE number.

What does car insurance cost?

According to the comparison portal, US document holders spent about $ 660 in 2019 if they paid for the full package with fully comprehensive insurance.
 Compared to the price five years ago, this means an increase of $ 69.83 (11.85 percent).

There is no total amount for car insurance, as various factors play a role.
Mainly the life of the policyholder and the driving experience, the duration of his drive without damage and the type of vehicle are taken into account.
As a rough principle, $ 250 can be assumed for a small car.

Fiat Panda insurance costs less than $ 130 a year, which is exceptional. However, it is worth taking a look at the small print. With the widely used company (Merican, the basic insurance costs are $ 216.
 There are always offers here, for example, the first six months that are not counted for a degree, for example.

Place of insurance

 There are many service providers in the United States.
 Online comparison portals should simplify the search.
"It can be a cheap alternative for young people.

However, she points out, cheap suppliers are always online businesses. "There is no fixed contact with which you entered into the contract together.

Mikhtchi is also advised to beware with cheap service providers. "The shows are usually so incredible." There may be hidden costs, such as the costly hotline that must be called in the event of damage.

"For most companies, the insurance rate varies by 30 per cent. It is usually worth negotiating with companies. Partial coverage should also be considered, as the cost of it is less than a few dollars. The base rate," says Mochchi.