What does the home insurance policy provide?

What does the home insurance policy provide?
What does the home insurance policy provide?

Are you planning to buy an insurance policy on your home but don't know what is the right coverage for you? Do you need physical property insurance in your home, home contents, or both?
What about your personal belongings?
Learn about the types of home insurance and choose the one that best suits you.

Home insurance provides the peace of mind of the insured by providing a set of insurance coverage benefits that suit his needs.

Home insurance is a type of property insurance that specializes in protecting homes from expected dangers, whether buildings only, or contents only, or both, and the coverage includes the following risks:

Fire, thunderbolts, explosions, earthquakes, storms and floods, rash or explosion of water tanks, devices or pipelines, collision or collision caused by vehicles or aircraft, disturbances, riots and labor unrest.

The home insurance policy is characterized by flexibility that enables the design of appropriate home insurance coverage as needed. The insurance coverage for this policy includes buildings, home contents, personal accidents, rental costs and alternative homes in the event of a sudden accident that makes the residence unavailable for housing, in addition to insurance coverage of the responsibilities of the insured towards workers in the home and the general public.

Buildings include home garage, exterior buildings, swimming pools, balconies, patios, private roads, pathways, walls, gates, fences, and bush fences as long as they are all used in private residence.

The contents include all the contents of the home from goods, appliances, personal movables, furniture, fixtures, fixtures, decorations and other property of family members who are permanently residing with you, and may also be insurance on some other purpose such as jewelry, watches, pictures, and other artistic works, carpets, gold and silver articles or other precious metals and perspectives Closeups, musical instruments, photographic equipment, video equipment, laptops and mobile phones, depending on the insurance conditions.

What does the home insurance policy provide?

The Homeowners Insurance Policy provides costs related to:

 construction and contents

- Damage to the building, inside or outside the house, or the contents of the house due to insured risks due to fires, hurricanes, lightning, or other disasters included

Repair the house until it is completely rebuilt.

 burglary and house breaking

- In case of any loss or damage to the contents of the house resulting from a burglary or house intrusion.

personalized jewelry and valuables

- In the event of any loss or damage to personal jewelry and valuables as a result of the insured notification, within the home whether the insured wears it or holds it.

- Loss or damage to personal property - clothing, furniture, household appliances and most other content of your home if it is destroyed in an insured disaster.

Responsibility Toward Others (Third Party)

- If the homeowner is required for any legal liability to pay a third party as compensation for the accident that resulted in an injury (fatal or non-fatal) and / or property damage, the company will help pay those costs.

Alternative Housing

- If the insured’s home becomes uninhabitable due to the insured risk, the compensation will be alternative housing - up to a period of 90 days - until your home is repaired again.

Personal accident insurance for the insured and his / her family members

- In the event of a fire or explosion and causing injury or death to the home owner and / or a member of his / her family as a direct result of these risks that occurred in the place of residence, the insurance company will be compensated for the death or permanent total disability and medical expenses up to the insured limits.

Damages due to floods, earthquakes and poor household maintenance

You may need a separate supplement if you need to extend insurance coverage to include additional risks such as storms, floods, water leaks from pipes, damage, turbulence, and explosion caused by machines and devices that are part of the insured property.