The strangest insurance policies in the world

The strangest insurance policies in the world
The strangest insurance policies in the world

Who said that insurance is a boring field that insures only the usual things, such as life, car and home insurance? Here are the strangest insurance policies that people bought!

Tongue insurance
The Italian company, Costa Coffee, was originally secured by a young Italian connoisseur of coffee for more than $ 13 million.

Body parts insurance
Did you know that Julia Roberts secured her charming smile with an estimated $ 30 million? Many soccer players also secured their legs. Where famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo insured his feet, $ 144 million.

Marriage insurance
Do you have doubts about your partner? Do you expect he can escape the wedding or change his mind at the last minute? No need to worry, now some insurance companies provide wedding insurance that will take back the value of what you paid for the wedding.

Eye deviation insurance
The star of the comic movie star in America in the beginning of the last century, Ben Turpin, was known for his eyes, and convinced that these eyes are the reason for his success in the field of cinema and to bring joy to millions, he has secured his eyes with a value of 25 thousand dollars, if they return Normal.

Valentine's Day Insurance
This insurance guarantees that you will not be left alone on Valentine's Day, this type is the brainchild of insurance companies from Japan, as it is customary for women to give chocolate gifts to men on this day, so whoever registered for insurance on this service, will receive a package containing On chocolate and a personal message from a cheerful and delusional lady.

Reputation insurance
The insurance company in Japan covers individuals, companies and institutions from exposure to rumors and distortions that are posted on social media, and the insurance service will provide a public apology to the injured if necessary.

Meteor and asteroids insurance
Because cosmic events are unpredictable, and there is no way to know when an asteroid or meteorite can come from space and turn your life upside down, so there are actual insurance policies that you can take so that you are insured, well in the event of a disaster.

Hijacking insurance by aliens
Believe it or not! An insurance company in London offers insurance policies in the event that you are kidnapped by aliens. Of course, you must give conclusive evidence of their existence in order to get the amount.