How to get a suitable insurance price for your car?

How to get a suitable insurance price for your car?
How to get a suitable insurance price for your car?

The presence of a valid auto insurance policy has become necessary, especially in the event of traffic accidents, as it helps reduce the costs incurred. Also, the insurance is compulsory for all cars and many governmental procedures related to the transfer of ownership and others require the existence of valid insurance. So we always ask 

how to obtain an insurance policy for a reliable company at the same time at a reasonable price?

What type of insurance is appropriate (against others or comprehensive)?

Vehicle insurance is divided into two parts:

Third Party Insurance

It is called a third party where the insurance company bears compensation for the damages resulting from accidents to the other party (other than the insurance owner). As for the insured, the insurance company does not bear any burden towards the damages that were caused to him.

Comprehensive insurance

The insurance company bears compensation for all damages resulting from accidents, whether it is the insured victim or any other parties. Usually this insurance has a certain bearing value. In the event of an accident, the owner of the insurance policy pays this value to the insurance company when the damage value is higher than the bearing value. You can find the difference in detail by visiting this page

Therefore, you must choose the type of insurance that suits you through the following criteria:

Knowing the criteria used for pricing?

Many people notice the large discrepancy in vehicle insurance rates between insurance companies. Also, the prices vary from person to person in the same company. So many wonder about what criteria insurance companies use to determine the price, which can be summarized in the following points:

1. City or region: The insurance price varies according to the city or region, as the insurance price is high in the cities with the most accidents and claims for compensation. For example, currently New York is considered the most cities in accidents and claims and therefore the price is higher than others.

2. Type of car: The insurance price varies according to the type of car. For cars where the number of accidents and the value of claims are higher, the insurance rates for them are higher than others. Usually youth cars have higher insurance rates than others due to the large number of accidents and claims for this category of cars. The value of the car also has an impact on the value of comprehensive insurance.

3. The date of making the car: The price of cars of the same type may differ according to the year of manufacture, depending on the expected risk percentage for this type of car manufactured in a specific year.

4. Age of the driver or car owner: The insurance price varies according to age, so the higher the risk, the higher the price. Usually, the insurance price for youth (18-25 years) is higher than for other groups.

5. Record claims and accidents: the price varies according to the history of the driver, vehicle or vehicle owner in accidents, the higher the accidents in the last 3 years the higher the price. The latest regulations of the Monetary Agency require the insurance companies to give a reduction of up to 30% of the basic insurance price to those who have been cleaned.

What are accredited companies?

merican Family                           
Horizon BCBS of New Jersey
Emblem Health
Lincoln National

Deduction on claim and loyalty?

Insurance companies offer a discount of up to 40% of the insurance value, 30% discount, no claims for 3 years, and a loyalty discount of 10%. The deduction of the absence of claims decreases to be about 20% or 10% for those who register it empty for two years or a year in a row. Loyalty discount is offered to those who have valid insurance in the same company. Insurance companies can offer a discount of up to 10% of the value of the policy. The non-claim deduction aims to encourage car owners to adhere to traffic and safety rules and urge everyone to have their records free of accidents.

Practical steps to get the right price?

1. Ask others about their experience with this: You can consult with friends who have previously dealt with insurance companies or hear the opinion of others on social media. At the auto insurance office, we encourage followers to share their experiences and prices via our Twitter account

2. Searching the websites of insurance companies: Some insurance companies sell their products online. So it might be a good idea to take a quote through these companies ’websites. You can find companies that have electronic stores by visiting this page.

3. A group visit to the insurance companies: As the selling outlets of the insurance companies meet in areas close to each other. For example, in New York City, there are a number of areas where insurance companies congregate, such as car showrooms

4. Share Others Quotes: Don’t forget to inform others about the prices you got on Twitter and we will help you retweet what others share. Our Twitter account