10 things you don't know about insurance

What is insurance?

10 things you don't know about insurance
10 things you don't know about insurance 

• A cooperative system that provides to protect individuals and enterprises from potential financial losses arising from unforeseen accidental events that can be insured, and this is done by returning the aggrieved party (insured) to the same financial position it was before the loss occurred, with the insured sharing in the surplus profits arising from Insurance activity, whereby the cooperative insurance companies monitoring system and its executive regulations included a provision to oblige insurance companies to share the insured’s profits in insurance activity, or to reduce their premiums for the next year directly.

What are the things that are suitable for insurance?

Personal property or property of the establishment (such as buildings, factories, and cars). Property insurance includes all the risks to the property such as (fire or theft).
• Legal (civil) liability, which is the responsibility to which a person may be exposed as a result of any harmful act issued by him towards others.
• Cooperative personal insurance (such as protection and savings insurance for the family after the death of its family or after the end of the agreed period of insurance, personal accident insurance, and health insurance).

What are the different types of insurance available?

auto Insurance is divided into two parts:

Third Party Liability:

This insurance covers the civil liability of the driver of the vehicle for accidental deaths, bodily injuries or material damages that may be caused to others and caused by the insured vehicle captain. To the property of others.

Comprehensive car Insurance:

It covers material damage (resulting from a traffic accident, vehicle fire or theft) to the insured vehicles, as well as civil liability of the vehicle driver towards others.

Engineering Insurance:

Contractors All Risks This type of insurance covers the contractor’s responsibility towards the owner and towards others.
Contractors Plant and Machinery.
Machinery Breakdown Hazards.
Civil responsibilities related to engineering insurance in its various forms.

Property Insurance:

All Risks.
Fire & Allied Perils
Theft and Burglary Insurance

Transportation insurance:

Goods in Transit.
Marine cargo.
Aircraft bodies

Health Insurance:

Compulsory Insurance - the health insurance board document.
Optional insurance.
Group insurance.
Individual Insurance.

Life Insurance:

Protection & Saving Insurance.
Protection Insurance.

Accidents and liability insurance:

Fidelity Insurance.
Travel Insurance.
Medical Malpractice.
Money Insurance
Personal Accident.
Professional indemnity insurance.
Public Liability insurance.
Products Liability insurance.
Liability insurance.
Employer’s Liability Insurance.
Work injury insurance.